Potential Fulfilled

To effectively service a sector, one has to know it through and through: nuts, bolts and everything in between. Like no other, Ictual has managed to harness its extensive sector know-how in a comprehensive range of flexible products and solutions for the telecom industry.

Flagship among our services is ITSS: a toolbox featuring our sector-specific software solutions and best practices to help telecom providers to monetize on existing services and develop new ones in record time-to-market.

To bridge the gap between theoretical potential and actual success in the telecom market, Ictual delivers proven solutions and services in three key areas:

ITSS Overview

Customer experience

A solid product is only half the job. A fluid, snappy and fulfilling customer experience is just as much a decisive factor for success in the telecom market. Ictual helps you deliver on your promises and then raise the bar for the competition to follow.

Just a couple of challenges we can help you with:

  • Selfcare: helping your customers help themselves with accessible and intuitive (mobile) apps and automated text dialog
  • Customer care: setting up, revising or implementing a customer helpdesk and contact center for support and sales
  • After sales care: order processing, incident resolution and follow-up

Call now and let us tell you how we can help you wow your existing customers and bring new ones in.


The elimination of avoidable waste of time and resources is frequently underestimated as a source of potential business improvement. Backed by its sector know-how and best practices, Ictual helps its telecom customers to:

  • optimize & standardize processes & documents
  • automate work distribution & delivery of products and services
  • analyze, measure and revise processes to foster continuous improvement
  • integrate with OSS and BSS reducing manual work

Call today and stop avoidable costs tomorrow.

Innovation and competitive advantage

Especially in the time sensitive sector that telecom is, the difference between a good idea and a market-leading product/service can be extremely narrow, yet extremely unforgiving.  

In the short term, Ictual can help your company develop the agility to offer any mix of core services through self-care channels. In the long run we can act as a partner to develop new products, services and thus revenues not available to others.

Within the Ictual Telecom Solution Set (ITSS), Ictual offers a comprehensive range of tested and proven best practices and tools. ITSS helps telecom companies to develop their innovative ideas and successfully bring them to market in record time. Key advantages are:

  • Real-time service provisioning and charging
  • Ready-to-use API for easy integration
  • Standardized yet flexible provisioning flow

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