Decos D5

It starts on paper and ends in Decos!

Decos Document offers complete and versatile solutions for document management and record management. Our products have a modular structure so you can choose the solution that best suits your organization. One strong feature of Decos Document is its flexibility, which makes the product suitable for many applications.

Document Management

Decos provides you with a simple way to save, edit and retrieve all types of documents. By using digital folders you can manage your documents systematically and orderly. Decide for yourself which meta data you want to register. For example it would be convenient to register the reference, address details and date in a Mail Book, whereas the term and details of the contracting party would be easy to find in a Contract Book. You can link digital files to any registration, so you have the correct details to hand wherever you are in the company.

Records Management

By creating folders, Decos allows you to build up a digital archive with a clear organized structure. This can be done by simply placing your documents in one or more digital folders. Because each type of document, including e-mails, can be linked to a folder, your folders are always complete.

Modular structure

Because every organization has different requirements, Decos D5 has a modular structure. This means you only buy those elements that are of use to your organization. Some additional modules are: the scan module, e-mail module, work-flow, electronic signatures, the publication module and DSP Inventory. For Decos Document users that do not need all these functionalities there is View Client. The name operator would probably be more appropriate for this type of license, as a View Client can not only view, search and print but also complete any work-flow actions assigned to the relevant person.

Decos D5 has ReMANO and ISO certification for RMA/DMS.

For further information just visit the website of Decos.